Hi LG Team,
We disappointed from LG service, since 28th April 2018, I had the complaint regarding my TV. Refer this details -Dear customer RNP180428035110 is given to MS SERVICE 28424698. You can track the status of the request at https://goo.gl/BLZNmv.

@From last 3 day LG service engineer given me the various type of reasons and they do not come yet to resolve the issue.
1. Your TV is in under warranty so take time.
2. Your part still not come.
3 on 4th May they told me part has come, I’m coming on Saturday ie on 5th May. They not came.
4. On 5th May evening, they said part coming on the way, I’m coming on Sunday ie today 6th May.
5. Today he gave me 2 answers, 1 st answer – will be coming late and when I m coming I will call you.
6. Now at 1.30 pm today he said me LG company send the wrong part to me what I can do.

@This is the LG engineer Number +918108930439.

Either LG not given good service to the customer, If there products still in the warranty and please take action on this issue and on engineer also.
Engineer behavior is very much rude and unprofessional.

Shri Vastav

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