I have a complaint for Times City Way. Its current website is
Now I came to know that they also did fraud with company names or websites as and and may be many other names also.

I received call on 31st March 2017 regarding offers for National Package for Holidays with an assured gift of Samsung Mobile, Samsung AC or Dell Laptop whichever I choose. I have received call from a girl (Vidya Nagar) and she had transfer call to person (Aman Gupta). He said this offer is of 12000 INR if paid online for limited period of one day.

It was my bad luck that I was convinced with his assurance of refund within 07 days if anything doesn’t suit to my requirements. I had choose to pay online. And I have lost my 12000 INR. I am sure this website is fake. I have done so many calls but it is obviously of no use.
I don’t know how I will get my money back. I wish I could get it back. But my prime intention to write this complaint is to save many others from cheating by them basterds.

Such cheaters must get punishment. During discussion, I found they are operating in big group. They told themselves part of Times group. After that only I believe them with my stupidity.

They were contacting with Mobile No :
9076114026, 7498344400,
9321077890 (Currently mentioned on their Website).

They are keep changing their contact numbers and not receiving any call on any numbers.

Please take care.

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