Scam/Rip off/Do not pay employees/Liars/Cheats

Randy Crane aka Mark Nash aka John Robinson and God only knows who else “he” goes by! They hire you, training sucks…1st red flag! “He” and “team leaders” want you to say “whatever is necessary” to book appointments 2nd red flag! When asked about payday…”dont worry, what you have heard about NOT GETTING PAID by former employees, has been fixed! 3rd red flag!..Pay day comes…NO PAY, “give us a chance” “the time difference, it will be there by 6″ They still want you to continue working your shifts, (for nothing, is what happens) When Monday rolls around, you question where your pay is…”Oh I sent it via etransfer, it came back not accepted”

This company has so many excuses, its amazing how they come up with them all! Then to read the post from “Elizabeth” about the same complaints of NOT GETTING PAID…then to go back working for them. Is it out of stupidity? It is almost like they brain wash you!

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